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Flying on.

Flying on.

So ridiculously happy with circumstantial situations. I’ve never felt this before. I was upset and am now thriving. I never want to let it go. I will not let this get ruined.

I’m going to keep proceeding whether it’s good or bad ..


Time and tears went by, and I collected dust. For there were many things I didn’t know.
Someday you’ll understand.

I am a lucky human.

Double H Double trouble.

Happy humans

Happy humans

Low brau’n it

Low brau’n it

Cowardly hearts and straight up shook ones, shook ones. He ain’t a crook son, he’s just a shook one

// 14-4-1//

Time flies. Happy birthday to one of the most intelligent, soft hearted, wacky and handsome boys I knew. We saw each other 3 weeks before you passed. You visited me at work, I helped you pack up your room.. Hung out all week until you replaced home with the new one I left. I couldn’t believe it, in fact I didn’t believe it until I spoke with your family. I still ponder why this had to happen. Why this batch took your life. Why you would even consider doing what you did. I will never understand. I miss your laugh. Your eyes, how extremely kind and easy going you were. I miss you telling me to shut the fuck up when I was out of line. I really do miss you. You’re still in my phone book. You’re still on my snap chat. Your on every social media site I have. You’re still in my mind, heart, life… I can’t and won’t ever delete what I have left of you. It sucks too know I’ll never see you again. Hug you again, smoke a blunt, or lay on the floor together like lazy bums talking about unusual ways we could’ve made money haha. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t consider you being here. Not a day goes by that I don’t tear up or cry about your death. One of the only boys Ive considered to be my best friend, no physical attraction, just pure, genuine friendship..I can not believe its you’re birthday already. I will never not think of you, I will always miss you. I wish it were easier. Stay up, stay true. Watch over me as I glide through life with unpredictable roads.

Please make sure I make it out alive, I couldn’t handle the emotional depression death tolls on those who surround us.

Forever love,

I love you.

Andres Amador is an artist who uses the beach as his canvas, racing against the tide to create these large scale temporary masterpieces using a rake or stick ..

Andres’ creations are simply stunning and knowing that these delicate creations are temporary somehow makes them even more beautiful.

All temporary love

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Respect all, fear none
#nas is life
The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.
Ernest Hemmingway

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